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Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Selected Publications
(since 1980)
Professor Antal Deutsch
Deutsch A. “Pension Reform in Hungary”, in Social Security Reform: Options for China, edited by Jason Z. Yin, Shuanglin Lin and David F. Gates. Published by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd., Singapore, New Jersey, London, Hong Kong, 2000, Chapter 24, pp. 448-460.

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Gilmore N, Grover SA, Zowall H, Fraser RD, Deutsch A., Coupal L. "Modeling Health Care Costs Attributable to HIV Infection and Coronary Heart Disease In Immigrants to Canada", in Modeling the Aids Epidemic: Planning, Policy, and Prediction, 1994, E.H. Kaplan and M. Brandeau, Eds., Chapter 4, pp. 73-90, New York, Raven Press.

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