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Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Health economic support from project inception to completion and final publication.

Estimation of clinical & economic benefits of medical interventions
  • Cost-effectiveness studies.
  • Cost-utility studies.
  • Cost-minimization studies.
  • Cost-of-illness studies / Burden-of-illness studies.
  • Costing surveys.
  • Employer-oriented medical and productivity loss (direct and indirect) costs of a disease.
Budgetary impact analyses
  • Forecasting the potential financial impact of new technology.
  • Transparent, user-friendly interactive simulation models.
Clinical trials and retrospective analyses
  • Conducting pharmacoeconomic trials.
  • Developing research protocols for economic evaluations.
  • Designing Case Report Forms (CRF) to capture economic data.
  • Developing resource use questionnaires .
  • Economic assessment of clinical trial results (piggy-back studies) to incorporate economic and quality-of-life data.
  • Extrapolation of clinical trial results for use in other countries.
  • Medical chart review and abstraction (hospital micro-costing).
Statistical analyses and modeling
  • Markov models of disease progression.
  • Decision tree models.
  • Computer-based, interactive simulation modeling.
  • Meta-analysis.
  • Sample size calculation.
  • General Linear Models for repeated measures studies.
  • Interpretation of statistical data.
  • Expertise in SPLUS and SAS.
Health care database studies
  • Case mix analyses.
  • Health resource utilization analysis.
  • Medical claims analysis.
  • In-house library of unit cost databases (Canadian, US, UK, etc.).
  • In-house library of Canadian and international epidemiological survey databases, government documents, and published literature.
Strategic services and communications
  • Preparation of economic dossiers for formulary submission according to the guidelines of the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH), the UK National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), and the US Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP).
  • Health economic support from project inception to completion and final publication.
  • Client-oriented health economics training programs, workshops and seminars
  • Dissemination of economic data.
  • Literature reviews.
Website Design
  • Strategic planning, customized web development, and promotion.
  • Conceptual graphic design and implementation.
  • ColdFusion database driven website development.
  • Web animation and banners.
  • Flash programming.
  • Corporate identity.

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