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Health Economics and Outcomes Research
Selected Presentations
and Abstracts
Hanna Zowall

Moe GW, Zowall H, Howlett J, N-Terminal Pro–B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Testing Improves the Management of Patients With Suspected Acute Heart Failure: primary results of the Canadian multicenter IMPROVE-CHF Study. American Hear Association's Scientific Sessions 2006, November 12-15, 2006, Chicago, Illinois.

Zowall H. Cost effectiveness in health care: case of HIV in developing countries. John Deutsch International Executive Program, Program on Investment Appraisal and Risk Analysis, July, 2006, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario.

Beck EJ, Gaudreault M, Brewer C, Mandalia S, Zowall H, Gilmore N, Klein M, Lalonde R, Murphy T, Piche, A, Platt R, Roy J, de la Sablonniere, Hankins C. Cost-effectiveness of HAART in Quebec , 1991-2001. XV International AIDS Conference, 11-16 July, 2004, Bangkok, Thailand..

Grover SA, Zowall H, Brewer C, Gilmore, Mukherjee J. Highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) for HIV infections and dyslipidemia : Estimating the impact of nelfinavir and atazanavir on cardiovascular (CVD) risk and life expectancy (LE) after adjustment for HIV related mortality. 4th Scientific Forum on Quality of Care and Outcomes Research in Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke, October 13-14, 2002, Washington, D.C.

Grover SA, Brewer C, Coupal L, Zowall H, Pradhan A. Estimating the benefits of Antihypertensive therapy: an assessment of pressure. International Society for Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research, (ISPOR), Seventh Annual International Meeting, 19-22 May 2002, Crystal City, Arlington, VA.

Gilmore N, Zowall H. Threatening inequality: the struggle to maintain Canada’s national healthcare system. The 17th Annual Conference of the Birkbeck Centre for Canadian Studies, The London Conference for Canadian Studies, and The Aboriginal Circle. February 23-24 2001, London, UK.

Pilote L, Ho V, Lavoie F, Coupal L, Zowall H, Grover SA. Cost-effectiveness of lipid lowering treatment for the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease: a population-based analysis. Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS) Conference, October 2000, Vancouver, BC.

Grover SA, Coupal L, Zowall H, Gomes D, Weiss T, Alexander, C. How cost-effective is the treatment of dyslipidemia in patients with diabetes, but without cardiovascular disease? American Diabetes Association 60th Scientific Sessions, June 9-13, 2000, San Antonio, Texas.

Lalonde L, Coupal L, Zowall H, Grover SA. The cost-effectiveness of statin therapy to prevent cardiovascular disease: Adjusting for quality of life. In the proceedings of the 14th Annual Meeting International Society of Technology Assessment in Health Care. 1998.

Coupal L, Paquet S, Levinton C, Zowall H, Grover SA. Estimating the benefits of Simvastatin in the primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease. Presented at the Fourth International Conference on Preventive Cardiology, 1997, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Clarke AE, Levinton C, Joseph L, Zowall H, Grover SA, Penrod J, Sibley J, Esdaile JM. Predicting short term direct medical costs (DC) incurred in RA. Presented at the National Scientific Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology, November 8, 1996, Washington DC.

Zowall H et al. Discussion Panel. 1996 Cardiology Challenges in Geriatrics, sponsored by Ottawa General Hospital and Hoechst Marion Roussel Canada Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, October 4, 1996.

Zowall H, Coupal L, Grover SA. Estimating the health care costs of coronary heart disease (CHD) in Canada. Presented at the International Heart Health Conference, 1992, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Zowall H, Coupal L, Fraser RD, Gilmore N, Deutsch A, Grover SA. A comparison of the economic impact of HIV infection and coronary heart disease (CHD) among immigrants to Canada. Presented at the Seventh International Conference on AIDS, 1991, Florence, Italy.

Zowall H, Gilmore N, Fraser RD, Deutsch A, Grover SA. HIV screening among potential immigrants: A cost/benefit analysis. Presented at the Fifth International Conference on AIDS, 1989, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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